Shwedagon Pagoda


Shwedagon Pagoda is well-known and famous not only in the world’s Buddhist community but also in the tourist community. This is an extraordinary pagoda listed in the wonders of the world. At the bottom of the bell shaped pagoda has enshrined (8) sacred hairs of the present Buddha and other (3) sacred items of three past Buddhas. These (8) sacred hairs was given by the Buddha himself to the two Merchant brothers who had been to India and met the Buddha unexpectedly. At the time they met, Buddha had just attained the Buddha hood. At the meeting they offered food to the Buddha, and then Buddha returned eight hairs. These two merchant brothers were the first Buddhist among the human beings at that time. Then they brought back the relic hairs of Buddha to be enshrined in Myanmar. With the help of a number of celestial beings, the brothers and the King of this region of Myanmar discovered the hill where relics of the previous Buddha had been enshrined. Once the relics were safely enshrined, a golden slab was laid on their chamber and a golden stupa built on it. Over this, a silver stupa was built, after then tin stupa, a copper stupa, a lead stupa, a marble stupa and finally an iron-brick stupa. Finally the brick stupa was built to encase the whole series of the pagodas and at last it reached twenty seven feet in height.

At that time the city was known as Dagon, a small town. But considered as a religious center because of the Shwedagon Pagoda. Several Kings throughout the region visited Dagon to repair or renovate the pagoda. Then the height of the pagoda came up to sixty six feet.
Nowadays the Glorious Shwedagon Pagoda is the most astonishing sight one has ever seen. The magnificent Golden Pagoda plated with more than 30 tons of gold is a shimmering spire rising 362 feet (99.3 m). The hill on which the Golden Pagoda stands is 58 meters high. Thus the Glorious Shwedagon Pagoda is towering over the city and the visitors can see either from air or from sea. Visitors can enjoy watching how devotees worship  Buddha. The premises of pagoda are over 5 hectors. All the walkways are covered with white marble slabs.
On the hill top platform around the mighty stupa has many structures. There are 4 stairways to reach the hill top platform from 4 directions; East, West, North and South. At the top of every stairway there is an has the adoration hall enshrined with the image of previous Buddhas.
The premises of the pagoda consist of main stupa, the plinth, small stupas, planetary post, idol icons, adoration halls and pavilions.

There are (8) planetary post around the stupa. These planetary posts are unique on the pagoda because all the devotees who come to the pagoda worship and make offerings at their planetary posts. Each planetary post has a Buddha image, two big flower vases for offering flowers and a huge water bowl to bathe Buddha image. The people used to offer flowers, scented stick, candles and bathing water to the Buddha. And after the worship everybody pray for good health, prosperous future etc. Another outstanding place is the wish-full filling ground where devotees knee down and pray that their wishes come true..
For the foreign tourist all are the exotic scene on the platform of Shwedagon pagoda which is good to explore Myanmar traditional activities as well as arts and crafts.


Botataung Pagoda


Botataung Pagoda is a 40m golden spire and houses another sacred Buddha's hair relic. The interior is covered with mosaic glass, and dozens of glass showcases display donated marble, gold, teak, silver and limestone artifacts and relics. It is located in eastern part of Yangon Waterfront.






Kaba Aye (World Peace) Pagoda


Kaba Aye (World Peace) Pagoda built for the Sixth Buddhist Synod in 1954-1956. Nearby is a large artificial cave, Maha Pasana Hlaing Gu or Great Cave, for religious ceremonies and get-togethers.